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Monday, January 31, 2011

Tips for Bride to be!~

1. For those willing to have an eyebrow trimming, it is advisable do eyebrow threading at a beauty saloon. Your eyebrow hair will grow finer compared to if it was shaved..

2. Do facial a week before but not a day before! Usually skins are more sensitive after facial..

3. Get enough rest & sleep before your big day to avoid eye bags & dark circles...and drinks lots of water too...

4. Have an air-conditioning room to do makeup with proper/natural lighting (avoid yellowish lighting). Avoid as much possible sweating during makeups as it will ruin makeup! It's a big NO NO...

5. Have your face cleaned & moisturised before makeup to prepare the skin.. And if you are wearing contact lenses please wear it before makeup. Wear it with cleaned hands .

6. Have meal before makeup so can keep you up during the day.. :)

7. To have a big dolly eyes, you can try contact lenses with bigger eye ring (ada byk dah jual sekarang contoh mcm FreshLook Illuminate!)

8. Wear front button shirt during makeup to ease changing cloth after makeup is done...

9. Last but not least... IF possible, please avoid/minimise people to come in during makeup process..

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